hods Technical service

We are convinced that a good service does not finish in the delivery of the product in perfect conditions, but it goes further beyond. Therefore, this service comes from the constant concern that hods has about quality and its differentiation in the market: to go beyond the selling of the product, supporting the customers to make their purchase profitable.

For this, we have developed our After-Sales Service based on the Repairing that service supports both those water dispensers supplied by hods, being under warranty or not, and dispensers from other brands or suppliers. Thanks to this, our technical team deals with different problems and systems, improving thus the quality of the Service and creating added value for the customer.

Also, we have elaborated a series of procedures, supports and video tutorials available for our customers, so that they can make small repairs and/or hygienizations in their own facilities without having to send their machine to us, which allows them to save time and money.

These two after-sales bonds make of our Service one of the most complete, since a water dispenser consumer expects a good technical performance and, specially, food safety.