hods is the largest manufacturer of BPA free 5 gallon PET bottles
and the largest distributor of water sources and 5 gallon caps in Spain and Portugal.

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We have established commercial relationships with more than 22 countries


Every year, more than 100,000 users enjoy our products


Every year, our products deal with more than 430 million litres of Water


The greatest manufacturer and supplier of the sector in the Iberian Peninsula


Members of the Watercooler Packaging, Distributing and Supplying Companies Association

founded in 1988 and member of the Watercoolers European (WE)


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The fact of manufacturing 5-gallon PET bottles and 5-gallon caps allows us to deal with the basis of the bottled water for coolers Sector, which are the springs, and providing all the water distributors with the necessary coolers and accessories increases our exact knowledge about the needs of the sector, that is to say, those of the final customers that consume water in coolers. So this SYNERGISM manufacturer – supplier, allows us to learn from them in order to obtain better results in our production process and give a higher value to the sector of the water bottled and distributed for coolers. Thanks to this, we can certify our products with the “hods Quality Assurance”.