Hods is the largest manufacturer of Bisphenol-A free PET bottles and distributor of 5 gallon caps in Spain and Portugal

At Hods we manufacture large format PET bottles: 12, 18.9 and 20 litres, in different colours. We distribute 5 gallon caps, free of Bisphenol-A and Azodicarbonamide, with double internal ring of TPE that improves waterproofing. Also we have a wide variety of models of both hot and cold water dispensers, as well as a wide variety of accessories such as racks, trolleys, cup holders and cleaning kits among many others.

Hods have a focus on serving and consuming water in an environmentally sustainable way, avoiding single-use plastics and encouraging the use of reusable bottles. Our product+service offer allows us to transmit, through a comprehensive service to the entire Water Packaging and Distribution Sector, quality of life and well-being to the final consumer.



International trade relations with more than 20 countries


Final customers

More than 100,000 customers use our products



The largest manufacturer and supplier in the sector in Spain and Portugal


Millions of litres of water

More than 430 million litres of water pass through our products every year