hods Quality Assurance

As it has to be, hods pays special attention to the quality of its products and the management of its services.

For this reason, we go through rigorous external and internal controls, tests and analysis in Hygiene, Quality and Food Safety in order to accomplish with and be officially certified by the different national and international norms and rules. In particular:

CE 1935/2004 - CE 2023/2006 - UE 10/2011

Regarding our products, 5-gallon PET bottles and 5-gallon caps, they comply with the requirements established in the Regulation (CE) Nº 1935/2004 of the European Parliament, of 27 October 2004, about materials and objects aimed at being in contact with food, and with the Article 5 of the Quality Assurance System, of the Regulation (CE) Nº 2023/2006 of the 22 December 2006 Commission about good practice of the manufacturing of materials and objects aimed at being in contact with food, especially for the plastic materials and objects included in the Regulation (EU) Nº 10/2011 of the Commission.

AENOR Quality Certificate

Our 5-gallon caps and bottles are subjected to an exhaustive quality control and analysis carried out by Aenor.

ISO 9001

Regarding to the quality of our service and its management, we are implementing the Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard of September 23, 2015, by which the International Organization for Standardization, ensures the quality of procedures of production management and marketing and communication of products and services offered by hods.

Every day, all the staff of the company work with the attentiveness required by those regulations, attending every stage of the development and manufacturing process of the products, in order to grant optimal quality standards in every stage so as the hods Quality Assurance” does not become devalued.

As always, we will never let our production indications and requirements pass, even less in our production line in Valencia, Spain. As a consequence, our products are subject to a strict surveillance in order to detect and prevent those indicators that are not within our Quality and Hygiene standards, which allows us, first, to feedback the RDI activity technically improving the products and, second, to offer true food quality and safety.

We do not leave the Quality purchased by our customers in the hands of a third party, so we design, develop or improve our products in Spain in order to guarantee that our quality standard provides more trustworthiness and increases the products performance… This is hods Quality Assurance!