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Water Cooler Evossé O3 White Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis filtration.

Evossé O3 Osmosis White

Mains-fed water cooler. Evossé O3 Black Osmosis water cooler. Reverse osmosis filtration.

Evossé O3 Osmosis Black

Mains-fed Water Cooler Elegance POU White

Elegance POU White

Mains-fed Water Cooler Elegance POU Black

Elegance POU Black

Le Plein water cooler with fridge

Le Plein POU

Mains-Fed Water Dispensers

The Elegance POU models have hot and cold water, the latter can be deactivated and the water can be obtained at ambient temperature. They are available in black and white. The Elegance Black POU has stainless steel side panels. These water dispensers have improved compressor and thermostats, which are quieter and also extend the life of the water cooler. All internal pipes in contact with the water are made of stainless steel to avoid any change in taste. They include a 1 micron active carbon filter to filter the water they take from the mains.

The Le Plein POU mains-fed water cooler includes a fridge compartment at the bottom. This compartment is helpful for keeping other drinks or food refrigerated. Like the Elegance dispensers, the Le Plein dispenser has all tubes in contact with the water made of stainless steel. It also has an improved compressor and thermostats for a longer service life.

Finally, the Evossé O3 line features the Osmosis model in black or white. This line of water dispensers includes a self-hygienising ozone system. To maintain a constant internal cleanliness. Ozone eliminates viruses and bacteria that may remain in the internal elements of the fountain. It has a 4-filter reverse osmosis system. It includes a pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, osmosis membrane and a post-carbon filter.