Bottles, caps and preforms, everything you need for bottling water.

5 gallon caps for bottling bottles from 11.8 to 20 litres with a 55 millimetre neck. Caps are made of a virgin material that provides greater adaptability. In addition, they are totally free of azodicarbonamide. They include a double internal TPE ring that provides greater safety and improves waterproofing, achieving a double seal. The valve has also been improved to provide a better return when removing the carafe from the water dispenser. Each batch of the 5 gallon caps is inspected and certified by Aenor.

PET bottles in different formats and colours, with a 55 millimetre neck for 5-gallon caps. The bottles or carafes are made of PET, a material that is completely Bisphenol-A free. In addition, they have an ABS handle insert. The inserted handle makes the cleaning of the bottle much more efficient. Bottles are highly impact-resistant and coloured, thus protecting the water from the sun’s rays. The 18.9 and 20 litre bottles are available in blue, red and turquoise. The 12 litre bottle is available in blue.

PET preforms for the production of bottles. PET preforms are Bisphenol-A free and highly resistant. All preforms have a 55 millimetre neck, perfectly adapting to 5-gallon caps. The 750 gram preforms are available in blue, red and turquoise and are perfect for blow moulding 18.9 or 20 litre bottles or carafes. Both 480 gram and 360 gram preforms are available in blue only. These smaller preforms are ideal for blowing 10 and 12 litre bottles.