About hods

We would like to show you what makes us different, no matter if you represent a spring or a retailer, and introduce you a global view of what we can give to you. All you need is here…

We are the 1st company of Spain and Portugal in the production and distribution of PET water bottles (BPA free) for the bottled water sector, in several formats: 11.8L, 13L, 18.9L and 20L, together with our 5-gallon cap, all of them aimed at the water coolers and water fountains markets, both for workplaces or home..

Apart from manufacturing the 5-gallon water bottles and the caps, we also supply different types of cold and hot water dispensers, room temperature water fountains and a wide range of accessories, such as shelves, bottle carriers, cup holders and cleaning kits among many others.

Our offer product+service allows us to provide a better quality of life and well-being to the final customer, thanks to an integral service to the entire Water Packaging and Distribution Sector. Because we want to go on being the reference company for the packagers and retailers of bottled water for coolers, being thus, as our slogan indicates, “United by Water”.

Our Principles

Competitiveness & Innovation

Innovation is our distinction and, thanks to our RDI team, that is continually improving our products and processes, we can constantly keep the union between product and service, which is the basis of our competitiveness.

Effectiveness & Service

We believe that an optimal service does not finish in the delivery of a product in a perfect condition and time, so our products come with a kind of service that has continuity thanks to our After-Sales Service.

Quality & Health

We are convinced that strict quality and health surveillance of our products cannot be separated, so we verify and certify each one of the steps in our processes, in order to detect and prevent those indicators that are not within our Quality and Hygiene standards.

Confidence & Responsibility

We are part of a united team that takes on responsibility for what we make and get, developing honest commercial relationships, both with customers (being close and sincere) and with nature (using fully recyclable, healthy and hygienic materials for the human being).

We can offer all these things as we work for the EXCELLENCE OF OUR PRODUCTS starting from THE EXCELLENCE OF PEOPLE: we are highly qualified professionals who give the best of ourselves everyday, we are dynamic because we always know how to adapt hods to the market, and we are able to build a team in a gratifying workplace that benefits the customers that buy Quality and Service like nowhere else.

hods sells its products in practically the whole world.

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We make sure that you are always satisfied when working with us, as our differentiation is to offer product + service