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Water cooler Sensorem Up Black. Water dispenser with sensor

Sensorem Up Black

Water Cooler Sensorem Up White. Water dispenser with sensor

Sensorem Up White

Water cooler Elegance White for bottles

Elegance White

Water cooler Elegance Black for bottles

Elegance Black

Elegance One White water cooler for bottles or carafes

Elegance One White

Water cooler Elegance One Grey for bottles or carafes

Elegance One Grey

Evossé O3 Down Black water cooler for bottles or carafes

Evossé O3 Down Black

Evossé O3 Down White water cooler for bottles or carafes

Evossé O3 Down White

Evossé O3 Up Black water cooler for bottles or carafes

Evossé O3 Up Black

Evossé O3 Up White water cooler for bottles or carafes

Evossé O3 Up White

Le Plein water cooler with fridge

Le Plein

Tabletop cold water dispenser Pocket Compressor

Pocket Compressor

Simple Dispenser for water bottles or carafes

Simple Dispenser

Ceramic dispenser for water bottles or carafes

Ceramic Dispenser

Bottled Water Dispensers

The new Sensorem Up water coolers are activated by a sensor. No need to touch the water dispenser to pour water. With just two steps, first choose whether you prefer cold or hot water, and then hold your hand over the sensor to serve. By working with the hand and not with the cup, dispensing is more precise. Avoid spilling water when removing the cup. The Sensorem Up models have more space in the drip tray area, both in width and height, so you can fill bottles without problems and without touching the fountain.

The Elegance models have hot and cold water, the latter can be deactivated and the water can be obtained at ambient temperature. They are available in black and white. Elegance Black has stainless steel side panels. Firstly, these water dispensers have an improved compressor and thermostats, which are quieter and also extend the life of the water cooler. Secondly, all internal pipes in contact with the water are made of stainless steel to avoid any change in taste. There are also the Elegance One models in white or grey. Elegance One follows the design concept of the Elegance water cooler but is made in one piece. The exterior of the Elegance One is made from a single piece of more impact resistant HDPE. It is also a material that delays yellowing.

The Evossé O3 line features the Up and Down models, both available in black or white. This line of water dispensers includes a self-hygienising ozone system. Ozone eliminates viruses and bacteria that may remain in the internal elements of the fountain. The Down model has a bottom-loading system. Evossé O3 Down fountain makes loading the bottle quicker and more convenient by eliminating the need to lift the bottle.

The Le Plein bottle water cooler includes a fridge compartment at the bottom. This compartment is helpful for keeping other drinks or food chilled. Like the Elegance dispensers, the Le Plein dispenser has all tubes in contact with the water made of stainless steel. It also has an improved compressor and thermostats for a longer service life.

The Pocket Compressor water dispenser is an excellent choice for small spaces. Its format allows it to be placed on a table or kitchen bench. Offers the same advantages of instant hot or cold water as the other larger water coolers.

Ambient Water Dispensers

As ambient temperature water dispensers, without cooling it, there are the Simple Dispenser and the Ceramic Dispenser. Both are fully compatible with wooden stands to adapt their height to the place where they are placed.