We have a wide range of products for dispensing water. We have bottle water dispensers or water coolers. The bottled water fountains take the water from the bottle and dispense it, hot or cold, according to the user’s taste.

Mains-fed water coolers also do this, but the water is taken from the mains. In filtration dispensers, the water passes through an active carbon filter to improve the taste and quality. We also have reverse osmosis fountains. In addition, to water coolers, we also have ambient water dispensers.

We also have what you need for bottling water. On the one hand, we have PET preforms in different grammages for blow moulding bottles of different sizes. But we also have the bottles, in different colours and of 12, 18.9 or 20 litres. All made of Bisphenol-A free PET. For the bottles we have the 5 gallon caps, with double sealing and totally free of azodicarbonamide. Each lot of these caps undergoes an exhaustive control by Aenor.

In addition, we have a wide range of accessories for the bottles and for the dispensers. From manual water pumps to stands to dispense water directly from the bottles. In addition, for the dispensers there are also accessories such as cup dispensers, cup collectors or stands for height adjustment.

Racks are available for storing and transporting larger quantities of bottles. These can be stacked, organised and reduce the space that can be taken up by large quantities of bottles. For the distribution of the bottles, the most convenient are the bottle trolleys, available for 5 or 7 bottles.

Finally, we have the necessary products for cleaning and sanitising the water dispensers. Detergent and ozone generator to clean the internal circuits of the fountains, and pH meter to verify correct sanitisation.