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Divosan Mezzo detergent descaler for water coolers

Divosan Mezzo

pH and temperature meter for water

pH Meter

Cleaning & Hygiene. Ozone generator for cleaning water dispensers. Does not contain ozone, it generates it. Disinfectant.

Ozone Generator

Cleaning & Hygiene

Products for the cleaning and hygiene of water dispensers. Divosan Mezzo is a descaling and disinfecting detergent. It is perfect for the internal sanitisation of water dispensers and water fountains. It is highly effective against all types of microorganisms. Based on peracetic acid, it has a triple disinfectant, descaling and deodorising action.

The laboratory pH meter checks the acidity and temperature of the water. It is a perfect accessory to check the water dispenser after cleaning. After sanitising the water fountain with a detergent, the meter checks the correct removal of any residues left by the detergent. In addition, it can freeze the values to verify that a correct cleaning is being carried out.

Finally, to disinfect the internal circuits of the water dispenser, there is the ozone generator. It disinfects where other disinfectants on the market do not reach. It maintains correct sanitisation by eliminating any bacteria that may be generated. Among its properties, it is bactericidal, sterilising, microbicidal, deodorising and virulicidal. Perfect for the care of water sources. The ozone generator does not contain ozone, but generates it. Thanks to electricity, ozone is produced by a photochemical reaction, so it does not contain ozone, it generates it.