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Manual trolley for 7 water bottles or carafes

Bottle Hand Trolley (7 bottles)

Manual trolley for 5 water bottles or carafes

Bottle Hand Trolley (5 bottles)

Stackable racks for bottles or carafes of water from 12 litres to 20 litres.

Plastic Racks

Transportation & Storage

Solutions for the transportation & storage of bottles or carafes. For the transport of bottles, there are trolleys. There are two models, the 5-bottle bottle trolley and the 7-bottle bottle trolley. Both are made of anodised aluminium material. This material makes the trolleys hard, resistant and light. Furthermore, it is a material that is protected against environmental agents and requires no maintenance. Both trucks are equipped with high-end FAG bearings. They also include silentblocks to reduce vibrations and avoid oscillation of the bottles. The 5-bottle forklift can be fitted with a stair climber accessory. Both the 5-bottle and 7-bottle trolleys can transport both full and empty cylinders.

Racks are the best way to store bottles in large quantities. The racks are made of polypropylene (PP), a highly resistant and lightweight material. It is a recyclable plastic suitable for the food industry. They are made of a plastic material with which maintenance is minimised and the useful life of the product is extended. The racks can be transported by forklift or hand truck. In addition, they are modular to optimise space. They can be stacked, making it possible to form a column of up to 6 if they are full of water, and even more if they are empty.