R&D&I is applied at all stages of development, taking into account all factors that add value to the final product and its management. In addition, our manufacturer/supplier synergy makes us better understand how to efficiently offer a product without separating it from its service, since we are present throughout the supply chain.

The work of our R+D+i team covers business management, the manufacture of PET containers and the development of water dispensers and accessories. Therefore, our innovative action has an effect on the management and communication systems and processes to provide a better service. Also in the production operations for an increasingly better manufacture of containers and caps. And finally in the development and improvement of the product, obtaining more effective and efficient dispensers. All this without modifying the final prices because continuous improvement is part of our offer.

Business management

We are developing our own business information systems to improve the efficiency of our management and communication.


An extraordinarily efficient production of bottles and caps has been developed, with which we obtain a very low percentage of non-conformities. We also achieve greater food safety and a high final quality.


We have improved our water coolers by replacing components that make them quieter and more efficient. Also the design of our 5 gallon caps to prevent the valve from remaining inside the bottle when removed from the fountain. We also continually study the feedback from our consumers to make products that suit their needs.

R&D&I. In order to identify products that are subject to innovation, and therefore to a strict quality standard, we have labelled them with the hods Quality Assurance seal.

This seal certifies that the product has been designed, developed or perfected in Spain. In this way we can ensure its performance and reliability because as it is technically improved, its final quality is increased.