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Automatic water pump, a very simple and economical way to dispense natural water at ambient temperature.

Automatic water pump

Automatic pump adapter

PLA paper cup. Made of cellulose with PLA layer, fully biodegradable and compostable.

Paper Cup PLA

PE paper cup. Fully recyclable

Paper Cup PE

Touchless tap white, black and transparent

Touchless Tap

Water pump 48mm - 38mm

Water pump 48mm

Water pump for 12 to 20 litre PET bottles with 55mm necks without the need for a 5 gallon cap.

Water pump 55mm

Wooden floor stand for single or ceramic dispenser

Wooden Stand Floor

Desktop wooden stand for simple or ceramic dispenser

Wooden Stand Desktop

Cup dispenser for water coolers

Transparent Cups Dispenser

Kit black metal support + tap for bottle with 55mm neck

Support & Tap

Circular hanging handle to carry bottles or carafes

Circular Handle

Stacker for water bottles

Bottle Stacker

Manual water pump for water bottles or carafes with 5-gallon cap

Water Pump

500ml blue, grey and transparent bottle of tritan

500 ml Bottle

Cup collector for water dispensers

Cups Collector

White metal rack for water bottles or carafes

Metallic White Bottle Rack

Black metal rack for water bottles or carafes

Metallic Black Bottle Rack

Protective cover for water bottles or carafes in colors

Protective Cover

All necessary accessories for water coolers and bottle

Different models of water pumps. Water pump for 5 gallon bottles with cap and perfect to combine with the bottle stacker. For bottles without cap and for bottles and carafes from 3 to 10 litres, 55mm water pump and 48-38mm water pump. Metal support and tap to turn the bottle into a small ambient water fountain.

For the storage of bottles or carafes, metal racks are available as a storage solution. The shelves are suitable for 4 bottles and are available in white or black.

In addition there are the wooden stands, for table top or flooring. The stands are perfect for the Simple Dispenser or the Ceramic Dispenser. They can adapt the height for make them more comfortable to dispense water. There are also Cup holders and cup collectors to go with the water coolers. The cup dispenser can store more than fifty cups. The cups collector is a perfect accesory for help to recycling the cups.

500ml tritan bottles to take anywhere. Coloured covers to protect the 18.9 and 20 litre bottles or carafes from the sun’s rays.

Finally, the new Touchless Tap, non-contact tap actuators. To put on water dispensers and avoid hand or glass contact with the fountain.