CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

To contribute to society, hods’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) collaborates with the UN refugee agency. Millions of people need the help of UNHCR to survive and see their rights protected. With over 65 years of experience, the Agency works in 127 countries. It serves the needs of all people who have had to flee because of war, persecution or human rights violations.

UNHCR’s mandate is to provide humanitarian assistance. It provides protection to refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees, stateless persons and asylum-seekers worldwide. For more than six decades, it has helped tens of millions of people rebuild their lives.

UNHCR works to ensure that people who have been forced to flee against their will are able to do so. They flee from countries where the person has reason to fear persecution. They offer assistance and protection in a host country. Currently, some 10,000 UNHCR workers are present in 127 countries to ensure that human rights are respected.

The staff works in various locations. They always try to provide protection and minimise the threats of violence, including violence of a sexual nature, to which many refugees are exposed. Durable solutions are sought. They help refugees to return to their places of origin if conditions permit, by trying to integrate them in host countries or by resettling them in third countries.

UNHCR UN refugee agency

hods collaborates with UNHCR, the United Nations Agency for Refugees.