Quality Policy

HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES, S.L. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of packaging and wholesale of dispensers and accessories for water consumption in large formats. We establish this quality policy for the implementation and development of our Quality Management System.

Our Quality Management System reaches all our company departments, with special attention to the quality control of goods and services and to the general PET bottle manufacturing process.

HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES is committed to comply with the requirements specified by the interested parties: both legal and regulatory, as well as other requirements to which we want to commit ourselves, we will seek the satisfaction of all parties and we will proceed to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and Food Safety.

Likewise, this document establishes the reference framework for establishing and revising the Quality objectives and goals, seeking to achieve the following general objectives:

    • We will try to ensure that our quality of service satisfies all our stakeholders by describing their needs and listening carefully to their complaints, claims and suggestions.

    • We will increase the satisfaction of all interested parties (needs and expectations) through the effective application of the Quality Management System, reducing the number of incidents that may affect the organization’s activity.

    • We will continuously improve the Quality Management System and its processes.

    • We will ensure food safety through the application of a HACCP system.

    • We will provide the necessary resources to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

    • We will improve relations and communications with stakeholders so that delivery incidents and nonconformities related to these suppliers can be gradually reduced.

At HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES we will persevere in:

  • Improve the coordination and transfer of documented information between company departments.

  • Encourage staff training.

  • To ensure the level of quality offered and the reliability of the work performed.

All this with the ultimate aim of improving our product and service to the interested parties, improving the competitive position of the company in the market and consolidating the Hods Quality Assurance.

In summary, the Management of HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES seeks continuous improvement through the establishment of quality objectives and their continuous revision within the framework established by this document.

All HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES personnel are committed to comply with the Quality guidelines and objectives in accordance with the philosophy of the Management. Likewise, this Quality policy is available to the public at HOME OFFICE DELIVERY SERVICES facilities.