5 gallon cap

  • Cap developed in Valencia (Spain), made of LLDPE.
  • Double inner TPE ring, doubles the seal and makes it completely airtight.
  • Valid for water bottles in different formats: 12, 13, 18.9 and 20 liters.
  • Completely safe for contact with food.
  • Very high percentage of valve return, verified by exhaustive technical analysis performed on each lot of manufactured products.
  • Quality Certification by AENOR.
  • Quality Guaranteed by HODS.

High quality 5-Gallon cap, made with a double inner TPE ring, totally AZOBICARBONAMIDE free and with a hermetic COMPLETE SEALING between the 5-gallon cap and the PET bottleneck, as the sealing is made in two different areas, unlike the other caps of the market.

Our 5-gallon cap is subject to rigorous leak tests together with our PET Water bottle to certify the high quality of the product offered by HODS Quality Assurance, avoiding thus a faulty sealing and water spilling and a consequent waste of money.

This 5-gallon cap is suitable for any water bottle used in water dispensers, that is to say, water bottles with a 55mm diameter neck, so that it is also valid for our PET water bottle in its different formats: 13L, 18.9L and 20L.

Also, we offer to our customers the possibility of customizing the 5-gallon cap label, in order to improve their brand position in the market.