In order to identify the products subject to innovation and, therefore, to a strict quality standard, we have given them the label “hods Quality Assurance”.

This seal certifies that such product has been designed, developed or improved in Spain in order to guarantee its performance and reliability as technical improvement increases the final quality.

R + D + i

We have created a work area dedicated to the research, development and innovation of products, production and management systems, where a team formed by people from different departments share their knowledge on different areas and points of view on innovation, as well as on product and services improvement, so that we take into account all the factors that give value to the final product and its management in every step of development. Moreover, our synergism manufacturer/supplier gives us a better understanding of how to offer a product in an effective way, without separating it from its service, as we are present in every stage of the supply chain.

Our RDI team’s work includes business management, production of PET bottles and development of water dispensers and accessories, so that our innovating action influences the systems and communication processes management in order to improve our service, the productive operations for a continuous improvement of bottles and caps, and the development and improvement of the product obtaining more effective and efficient dispensers, and all this without changing the final prices, as continuous improvement is part of our offer.

R+D+i projects

Business Management

We are developing our own business information systems in order to improve our management and communication efficiency.


We have developed an extraordinarily effective production of bottles and caps with a very reduced percentage of nonconformities, higher food safety and a great final quality.


We have improved our water fountains by replacing some components to make them more silent, reduce electricity consumption, increase safety and cooling capability.