Wooden stand floor

This stand offers a convenient solution to adapt the height of the water dispensers to the customer’s needs.

It provides stability and safety with its reinforced cross design that improves the grip on the base and support.


The wooden stand floor, is an ideal accessory for water dispensers that are intended to incorporate directly from the floor to exercise the function of water dispenser at a height that does not require, for example, a previous height as in the previous case or not available of a surface with a minimum height for the comfort of the user.

With this stands is obteined, on the one hand, offer solutions at different levels and / or environments. On the other hand, provide stability and safety with its cross-reinforced design that improves the subjection on the base and support.

In addition, the supports protruding from the base where the dispenser is placed provides aesthetics and consistency to the structure. Additionally, highlight the easy and quick cleaning of the entire surface on which it rests.

Finally, it should be noted that these are light structures, quick assembling, simple and very competitively priced.

It is compatible with the models:

  • Simple dispenser.
  • Ceramic dispenser.