FMAX Bottled Water dispenser, white. Cold, hot & room temperature water


  • Suitable for all formats of bottles, from 11.8 to 20 litres with a 5 gallon cap.
  • Cold, hot and natural water.
  • Head drainage.
  • Greater capacity of the cold tank: 2.5 liters.
  • Integrated cup dispenser.
  • Robust construction.

FMAX is a dispenser of cold, hot and cook water. with an elegant and modern design, will integrate perfectly into any location.

It combines good looks with impeccable reliability: the FMax features elegant curves to suit the modern office environment and is built with an ultra durable ABS polymer to ensure it resists many years of use and keeps repair and replacement costs low.

With Ebac’s latest technology, the patented WaterTrail™ for disinfection. All parts in contact with water are simply replaced, which means total disinfection is achieved in a matter of seconds.

It incorporates a drainage system that avoids the accumulation of water in the head. It redirects the water that can be spilled towards the collector that incorporates the dispenser.


Dimensiones y peso Características
Net weight: 20 kg Cooling capacity: 6,5 litres/hour
Width: 39 cm Heating capacity: 6 litres/hour
Depth: 37 cm Cold water temperature: 6ºC
Height: 110 cm Hot water temperature: 86-93ºC
Cold tank capacity: 2,5 litres
Hot tank capacity: 1,5 litres
Heating and cooling power: 150 W / 650W
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz