FLEET POU Water dispenser, graphite/gray colour. Cold & room temperature water


  • Pressure regulator.
  • Large filling area.
  • AquaSafe technology.
  • Screwless panels.

FLEET dispenser offers reliability along with optimum performance. Designed to be a key product in the water cooler market connected to the water mains.

It incorporates direct ice bank technology as a water cooling system. It thus offers excellent performance and sanitation in the supply of high quality filtered drinking water thanks to the incorporation of direct dispensing technology.

A mains powered water dispenser, with a robust and reliable structure and an elegant grey and graphite design that will adapt well to any environment, offering customers the perfect experience to drink at all times.

Instead of having filtration at the point where water enters the unit, Aquasafe filters water at the point just before dispensing, eliminates the need for sanitation and reduces the possibility of microbiological contamination by 98%. Ordinary POU dispensers filter water as it enters the machine. The filtration process removes the chlorine, so the water is stored in the tank without chlorine to protect it. Over a period of time, bacteria can accumulate in the refrigerator, especially if the water is left unused for long periods of time. With AquaSafe the water remains protected by chlorine for as long as possible before it is dispensed.

The 0.5 micron activated carbon filter provides dispensing of up to 3000 liters of safe, clean water. It is NSF-53 certified, which guarantees product quality, safety and sustainability standards

Dimensions and weight Characteristics
Weight: 17.5 kg Cooling power: 8 litres/hour
Width: 36.5 cm Cold water temperature: 6ºC
Depth: 35 cm Cooling power: 150W
Height: 112.5 cm Voltage: 230V / 50Hz