Evossé O3 Down black. Cold, hot & cook water


  • AutoSelf Clean System.
  • Lower load.
  • Hot and cold water.
  • Drip Collector.
  • Regulator of temperature and switches of cold and hot On / Off.
  • Safety button to avoid accidental burns.

The Evossé O3 line of cold, hot and cook water dispensers features an elegant and functional simple design. Manufactured in the best materials, they combine two finishes, glossy ABS on the front and cold rolled steel plate in matt on the sides.

It has an Auto Self Clean sanitizing system, an ozonizing system incorporated. Every 4.5 hours it generates an automatic discharge, it is self-sanitized and disinfected. This system injects a small dose of ozone, less than 50 ppb, which enters in the water circuit and prevents the formation of bacteria. Thus extending the life of the dispenser.

It has a water temperature regulator to adjust it as you like. It also has hot and cold switches on the back for energy saving.

The Evossé O3 Down model loads water from below with a pump. The bottle is inserted into the bottom of the dispenser, thus avoiding the effort of lifting the bottle. It accepts our PET bottles in all formats, from 11.8 to 20 litres with the standard 5 gallon cap.

It incorporates a stainless steel drip catcher, which captures the water when the glass that is being filled overflows. In addition, all the tubes in contact with the water are made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures that there is no migration into the water.


Dimensions and weight Specifications
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Weight: 16 kg Cooling power: 4 litres/hour
Width: 32 cm Heating power: 6 litres/hour
Depth: 38.2 cm Cold water temperature: 3ºC – 10ºC
Height: 102.8 cm Hot water temperature: 80ºC – 92ºC
Cold tank capacity: 4 litres
Hot tank capacity: 1.2 litres
Power consumption rate: 56 W / our
Cold and Hot power: 100 W / 650 W