Bottle carrier (7 bottles)





Bottle Carrier made of anodised aluminium, with a better structural reinforcement, resistant and light, which makes it perfect for the most perfectionist water distributors day after day.

HODS Quality Assurance has made a great effort to make this bottle carrier meet all our quality standards, so our technicians have improved the model by including high-quality German FAG rolling bearings.

Aluminium anodizing is an electro-chemical process that forms a protective aluminium oxide layer on the surface of the base aluminium, and it has the following properties and advantages: it does not need any maintenance; it gives more protection against rain, sun and humidity; it increases surface hardness; it gives a decorative finish; it is abrasion, wear and corrosion resistant.

This bottle carrier includes an additional reinforced structure at the back that has several advantages: it helps to reduce the impact on the carrier when going downstairs and upstairs; it protects against friction; the carrier can be laid down even if it is loaded; it gives more stability; its handles allow a more ergonomic handling and protection of hands as it prevents from hitting them; it increases the final load capacity.

It also includes pneumatic wheels with reinforced bearings that allow both a better sliding and an easier mobility when the carrier is loaded and a higher resistance to a greater load, as well as a second horizontal handle with a silicon coating for a better grip that avoids eventual accidental slips.
It has a load capacity of 7 5-gallon bottles, with silentblocks in each tray to reduce vibrations of the PET bottle, avoiding its oscillations and damages during transport. Moreover, these trays can be folded so as to make a carrier load different kinds of packages, such as boxes.

Max Load: 250 kg.